Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015 @ 9:00pm

A mere three months into their existence, our house band, Patrick & The Swayzees, have decided to take the next big step toward…

Yes, they’re hitting the road for a tour of Florida and have bookings at a bunch of classic Florida venues along the coast.

Since this was a last minute tour and because of the timing they still have a handful of days open for bookings. They’ll be heading as far north as New Smyrna Beach and as far west as Tampa, so if you know of any great spots in between or south of those locations, let us know—or better yet, let your friends that own or work at those places know!

For now, they are excited to announce the following line up starting this Wednesday at COAST, which is fitting since it’s where they first jammed back in April…

  • Wednesday July 29—TOUR KICK-OFF @ COAST / Stock Island (9:00pm)
  • Thursday July 30—Green Parrot Soundcheck (5:30pm) and Late Night (9:00pm)
  • Friday July 31—Lorelei / Islamorada (6:00pm)
  • Saturday August 1—Gramps / Wynwood
  • Sunday August 2—Beachside Tavern / New Smyrna Beach
  • Monday August 3—OPEN (Looking for show between New Smyrna and Miami)
  • Tuesday August 4—Gramps / Wynwood
  • Wednesday August 5—OPEN (Looking shows in the Fort Lauderdale area)
  • Thursday August 6—The Backyard / Boynton Beach (7:00pm)
  • Friday August 7—OPEN (Looking for show between New Smyrna and Miami)
  • Saturday August 8—OPEN (Looking for show between New Smyrna and Miami)
  • Sunday August 9—Beachside Tavern / New Smyrna Beach
  • Monday August 10—OPEN (Looking for show on the Gulf Coast or Orlando area)
  • Tuesday August 11—Skipper’s Smokehouse / Tampa
  • Wednesday August 12—OPEN (Looking for show on the Gulf Coast)
  • Thursday August 13—OPEN (Looking for show on the Gulf Coast)
  • Friday August 14—Gramps / Wynwood
  • Saturday August—Gramps (early) / Wynwood Brewing Block Party (Late)
  • Sunday August 15—OPEN (Considering a homecoming show in the Keys or Key West!)
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