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History: From the Backyard to the Big Stage…

The COAST Is Clear Music & Arts Festival started as a series of small backyard concerts in the wake of Hurricane Irma’s devastation of the Florida Keys in the fall of 2017. At that time the gatherings served as local fundraisers as well as a collective community celebration marking the official end of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which happens annually on December 1.

Each year since — with the exception of 2020 — we’ve produced the event which has evolved into a well-curated weekend-long cultural festival in early December.

And through the last half decade, the event has grown organically with a steady stream of top-notch talent from the folk and Americana music scene gracing small stages and playing intimate sets around the island for traveling fans and local music-lovers alike.

The COAST Is Clear Music & Arts Festival — with its end of the road charm and humble origins — has truly, and independently, become a boutique cultural showcase mixing a world-class festival bill with the best local scene that Key West has to offer.

COAST Is Clear — Key West, 2021
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