January 01, 2019


As we enter the new year and start a new chapter in the COAST story, we are looking to expand our retail and online efforts at The COAST Outpost in Old Town while we explore new options for studio and venue space on Stock Island.

Considering this, we are looking for one full-time employee (or a couple part-time employees) to help manage daily operations at 803 Whitehead Street.

Duties & Skills Required Include:

- Opening and closing the shop in a timely manner. The shop is open daily 10am-5pm.
- Organizing and merchandising products and inventory in a creative and effective manner.
- Keeping track of inventory and ordering goods from our factories and vendors.
- Receiving and stocking new inventory.
- Interacting with and selling to customers — both locals and tourists alike — in a brand-appropriate manner.
- Organizing, packing and shipping web orders.
- Helping with social media and other promotional efforts.
- Creating and updating spreadsheets for inventory, concert tickets sales, etc.
- Handling customer service emails and inquiries on a daily basis.
- Maintaining and keeping the shop tidy and clean.
- Creating and maintaining a lively but cozy atmosphere for customers.
- Starting to learn and eventually take over screen printing duties.

Perks Of The Job:

- Employee discounts on all products.
- Potential to learn to screen print while on the job.
- Access to COAST concerts and events.
- Laid back work atmosphere.
- Ability to grow within an evolving company.
- Pay commensurate with experience.
- Bonuses for exceptional sales numbers.

Is This Job For You?

The ideal candidate should have excellent customer service skills, experience in retail sales, be highly organized, have local references and an understanding of the COAST brand and vision, keep a good attitude and a willingness to learn and grow with an evolving, energetic company.

Please email ahoy@coastprojects.com to inquire or stop by the shop at 803 Whitehead Street to be considered for the job!

Coast Projects, LLC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against otherwise qualified applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, mental or physical disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender orientation or expression, marital status or veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristic under applicable federal or state law.

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