July 25, 2014

​Since opening around a year ago, one of our main goals has been to bring good and groovy tunes to our little patch in paradise. Whether that means local favorites like the dusty, foot stomping vagabond crew of The Love Lane Gang and The Skank or larger national acts like The Hackensaw Boys and Tubby Love, it’s been a trip to bring people out here every month to show them good tunes and good times, while also letting them have a glimpse at what we’ve been creating in the time between the events.

That’s was the idea behind our monthly COAST Vibrations Concert Series and to date, we’re pretty stoked on how it’s coming together and progressing.

Beyond the tunes, we’ve been excited to document each event with a classic concert poster—something of a lost art in today’s digital age of social media and virtual images. A couple of weeks before each concert we’re out on bikes stapling and wheat pasting the latest edition poster, and we’ve been amazed at how many people end up at the events solely because of this analog promotional piece.

But that’s what we’re all about out here—time-honored techniques and classic art forms.

So thanks to everyone for showing up each month and making the COAST Concert Series the huge success it’s been over the past year.

And here’s a look at the event posters from day one until now…

Photo Gallery
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