March 18, 2015

News & Notes from the Ol’ Tin Shed by the Sea…

Well, we finally dusted off the ship’s log with all of the scribbles and scrap from people that have passed through the ol’ tin shed, so we’re going to give this virtual newsletter thing a try. And as much as we’d like to say it will be a regular thing from here on out, in all likelihood, it won’t be.

Since this is our first newsletter, we want to take this time to thank all of you for the support over the past (nearly) two years. Without all of you, we would not have been able to even start to realize the potential of that old shack (below) that we happened to drive by all those months ago.

It’s definitely been a trip—but the journey continues and we’re enjoying every minute of the ride!

That said, if you’re interested in more regular glimpses into our daily-doings, you can stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram!

TWO YEARS IN - The Experiment, The Projects & The Outcome…

For the past two years there’s been a continuous flow of projects, people and plans moving through here—many of you have seen them in our daily posts online or in person when you’ve stopped in for the monthly concerts and weekly workshops. Some were fleeting and fun, others have been involved and intense, but one has been ongoing, evolving and maturing with time.

What, you ask, is this secret project?

Well, it’s no secret really, rather the result of a two year experiment in figuring out what exactly COAST is—because, as we’ve encountered on, more or less a daily basis, that is what people want to know more than anything else. Us, too!

At the outset, it wasn’t that we didn’t know what we were or wanted to be, but it was that we didn’t know how to harness all of the raw potential that our dusty plot of land and our sunburnt, calloused hands had to offer. Beyond that, we knew that by putting a label on what COAST is, we would, in a sense, be limiting what it could be. Because it’s hard to unlearn things. If we were a “retail” space, then that’s what people would have expected—including regular opening hours, fully stocked shelves and all of those industry mandates. If we were an “artist” community, then we’d need artists producing pieces that can hang on walls or be displayed in a gallery.

Not wanting to have to fit into a box, we kept an open mind and over time, we learned what we’re good at, what people gravitate towards, and how we can survive given our resources, our space and our capabilities.
So, all of that said and considered…

What is COAST?

Put Simply COAST is, “craftsmen, concerts & cool—down by the sea…


Loosely speaking, we are a collective of craftsmen making functional goods with our own two hands. From boats to boards, signs to spearguns, posters to paddleboards and music to metalworks we have a broad palette in a range of disciplines. Beyond the actual “making”, we also sell some of these goods at our shop and online. But in addition to making and selling durable goods, we regularly collaborate with clients and companies looking to gain a creative edge in their industry, offering services like graphic design, screenprinting, event production and promotion to name but a few.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’re big believers in the fact that everyone can be a craftsman. In fact, most of our crew doesn’t have any formal training in the trades we ply—just a bit of coordination and confidence in our hands. Considering this, we have developed workshops and camps for folks—young and old—as a way to empower others with these skills, and over the next few months we’ll be building a bigger catalog of courses for you to try your own hand at.

The concert end of the equation deals with the fact that, on a regular basis—usually monthly—we host concerts out at our space as a way for people to see what we’ve been up to and become a part of our little piece of paradise. These celebrations started out small and humble—friends with ukuleles and bongos sitting on the deck jamming the night away. But since opening, we’ve grown. And, now, in addition to these impromptu sessions, we also host nationally recognized artists and touring bands. The concerts are a great way to kick back with good friends and enjoy a bit of “old Key West” under the stars down by the water.

Well, this one’s simple—everyone should feel like what they do and where they work is cool, so that’s just our way of saying we love what we do.

Down by the Sea…
That’s where our inspiration comes from—and in a literal sense, that’s where you’ll find us.

New Designs! Fresh Off the Press…

As of late we’ve been putting the pencil to paper and screen to shirt in a big way. Now, we’re proud to unveil our latest t-shirt designs—inspired mostly by our surroundings and the travelers and artists that have passed through this joint. Have a look in the SHOP and save on all apparel…

*Use the code “GoodNews” at checkout and get 20% off your entire order.

COAST Camp Redux: The Spring Break Edition

After a tremendously successful and totally fun summer with the kids, we’re back at it this spring with a new and slightly updated plan of attack. We’re keeping all of last summer’s favorite projects, adding some old-time outdoor games, and switching up the age group to make COAST Camp Redux even better than before!

COAST Camp will introduce the kids to timeless skills and lessons that will prove priceless as they grow up “along the COAST”. Each day, campers will focus on a different, but integral theme that can be used at home, on the beach, or out at sea. The lessons are completely hands-on, are rooted in traditional techniques and are sure to keep them involved and engaged throughout.

New in the Shop! COAST Cards // 10-Pack of Postcards

Living by the coast and working out here at the shop, we come across more than our share of photo-worthy scenes, so we figured sharing them in an analog manner is an entirely more fulfilling way of showing people who we are—or where you’ve been!

So grab a pack, support print and reconnect with the lost art of postcard writing…

Stay Tuned...

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